Debt Review

What we will do for you:

Protect you from your creditors

We do this by drawing up a new legally binding contract with the lower interest rates & reduced installments. This contract will replace your previous contract that you had with your creditors.

Immediate protection against legal action and blacklisting

Remember that a judgement, garnishee order, or blacklisting can stay on your credit report for up to 30 years and you might never finish paying off debt.

After signing up creditors can not take judgement, get a garnishee order on your salary, or blacklist you.

We create space for immediate financial relief

You will immediately start paying the reduced installment after signing up. Please remember that this is not a payment holiday and you cannot skip installments.

NO up-front payments

The fees for our services will be included in your reduced monthly payments

We negotiate reasonable pay-off plan with all your creditors on your behalf

The interest rates will be reduced and the installment will also be less than before, and the extra bank fees that you’re paying on each account at the bank will either fall away or reduce drastically.

No more harassing phone calls, or SMS’s

If any creditors are still phoning you, please let us know immediately so that we can inform them and give them our phone number and e-mail address.

Avoid judgements and being blacklisted for debt

A judgement or judgments can stay on your credit report for up to 30 years. You can prevent this from happening to you by signing up for our protected debt review program.

Drastically reduce interest rates and your monthly debt repayments

With reduced interest rates (even down to 0% in many cases) consumers might actually save money over time.

Debt review does NOT mean:

That you can never take out a loan again

It is the only process that will clear your credit report, removing all your bad payments and giving you a new / fresh start again

That your employer will know about it

Only a debt counsellor and a registered credit provider, who is also registered at a South African credit bureau and paying monthly membership fees to the said credit bureau, will be able to see it.

That your landlord will know about it

Only a debt counsellor and a registered credit provider, who is also registered at a South African credit bureau and paying monthly membership fees to the said credit bureau, will be able to see it.

That you have to be in arrears with your accounts

You don’t have to be in arrears. If you are up to date with your payments but just finding it hard to make your monthly installments, you are a perfect candidate.

That you will lose your car / house

This is the only way to protect your assets, preventing creditors from taking legal action, getting judgements or garnishee orders on your payslip, and preventing them from blacklisting you.

That you will take longer to settle debt

With reduced interest rates, a bigger portion of your payments will go towards your principal debt, helping you to settle your accounts faster than with any other process

That you can only pay the minimum

If you can afford to contribute more towards your accounts, we would highly recommend this as it will speed up the process tremendously. You can also make lump sum payments whenever you get a bonus / 13th cheque / win the lotto / inherit money / etc.

That you can skip payments

Creditors are allowed to take legal action if you start skipping payments, just like before

That you have to go to court

You do not have to go to court at all. We will do everything that needs to be done on your behalf

That you have an easy way out

It is not always easy and you won’t be protected if you skip payments

That a consumer will get blacklisted

You will not get blacklisted for being under debt review. Blacklisting refers to a creditor making a mark on your credit report when you are in arrears with your account

The Process:

  • You have to find a registered debt counsellor. If you already have a debt counsellor, and you just want to check whether he / she is registered, go to, the website of the National Credit Regulator.
  • The debt counsellor will ask for your payslip, a copy of your RSA ID, a list of all the accounts that you currently have, and your monthly household expenses.
  • The debt counsellor will then calculate and work out how much he or she can reduce your monthly payments. If you can afford to contribute more, we definitely encourage you to pay the bigger installment as this can possibly help you settle your accounts within months (depending on your total outstanding debt).
  • The debt counsellor is entitled to ask you for an application fee at this stage. We DO NOT charge an upfront application fee, a rejection fee, or a withdrawal fee, although we are entitled to do so by law.
  • The debt counsellor will then contact your credit providers, and get the correct account information from them, and also notify them that they cannot continue with legal action against you or blacklist you (unless they have already started with legal action on a specific account, in which case that specific account can either be excluded, or we can kindly ask them to include the account to stop the legal process).
  • Thereafter the debt counsellor will send out the proposal, containing the reduced instalments and interest rates, to all the credit providers.
  • Once agreement has been reached, your debt counsellor will give you your final payment documents with all the necessary information about the payment plan on it.
  • Your only obligation is to keep up with your monthly payments.
  • All your creditors will receive their monthly payments according to the plan that is specifically worked out for you. If you win the lotto, get a bonus or receive an inheritance, you are also more than welcome to make lump sum payments to settle the accounts quicker.
  • Afterwards you will receive a Clearance Certificate, ensuring that any trace of the debt rearrangement will be removed from your credit report. This will also be sent to the Credit Bureaus in South Africa to ensure removal of any bad payments, giving you a clear and new credit report again.
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